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#RoadtoParis Regional Dialogue: Day 2 Highlights

April 15th, ClimateWed.Org: The second day of the Road to Paris Regional Dialogue hosted 3 working groups aimed at developing recommendations on a common position for the Kind of Agreement required for the new climate change deal in Paris. In addition, a Youth Climate Dialogue was convened at Lycée Guebre-Mariam School, Addis Ababa. These working groups included: 1) Civil society organizations (CSOs) including women groups hosted by Pan African Justice Alliance (PACJA); 2) African Youth Groups on Climate Change hosted by the UN Economic Commission for Africa, and the Academia hosted by Centre français des études éthiopienne (CFEE).

Speaking to a group of students at Lycée Guebre-Mariam School, H.E Ms. Annick Giradin, Minister of State for Development and Francophony, France emphasized the need to mainstream environmental issues in development strategies and implementation. While explaining the upcoming COP 21 meeting in Paris, she encouraged the students to be part of the solution by proposing innovative ideas.

Dr. Araya Asfaw, Executive Director of HoA-REC&N, spoke to the students about the close relationship between development and climate change. In the Ethiopian context, he explained, deforestation, land degradation and population pressure are among the major factors causing climate change—challenges that have to be addressed by everyone, including students. The CSOs and women working session put forth a number of recommendations on trans- boundary adaptation strategies among others. The group recommended that African CSOs should monitor the effects of adaptation in different thematic areas via early warning systems. 

On climate financing, the group agreed that adaptation should be given priority. They also stressed that developed countries should isolate the climate finance from Official Development Assistant (ODA). These have to be accompanied by the necessary lobby work to facilitate the allocation of finance on timely bases. They also recommended a legal body at continental level to monitor and evaluate the process of allocating the finances according to a given timetable. With regard to funding adaptation, they suggested that for a win-win situation the continental CSOs handle an adaptation fund.The group reiterated that women are especially vulnerable to climate change. In this view, the group suggested institutionalizing climate change policies that address women in particular and gender in general and allocating gender finance at different climate finance, amongst others.

Present at the youth working sessions were, amongst others, Dr. Mulugeta Ayalew, Associate Advisor from the Prime Minister Office, Ethiopia, and Mrs. Maria Triphona from African Development Bank, who made presentations on climate change and the commitment of their respective offices. Subsequently, the youth discussed in three groups issues of mitigation, adaptation and capacity building. They discussed technology transfer, climate finance and the issues of youth negotiations.
The Academia session, on its part, discussed ancient climatic, biological and evolutionary happenings in order to be able to anticipate and formulate informed decisions on current and upcoming climate changes and impacts. Subsequent sessions focused on knowledge management and resilience was another agenda discussed by this group.

By the end of day 2 the working sessions had formulated their positions/statements on what was expected in the climate change text for COP21 in Paris.

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