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Solar Academy: How @Akon Plans to Provide Electricity for 600 Million Africans

MALI – 10th July 2015 - Akon is a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum recording artist. He was born in the United States, but spent much of his childhood growing up in Senegal, which his family hails from.

Akon is passionate about social causes. He recently pledged to throw a free concert in protest of ISIS in Iraq, with any proceeds going to the Kurdish military.

Akon's success has also put him in a position in which he can give back to those in need with his own wealth. He has established his own charity known as the Konfidence Foundation, which helps underprivileged children.

Financial charity just isn't enough for Akon, however. Akon wants to do more than simply give his money away. He makes numerous trips to Africa each year to devote his time and efforts toward change on a global scale.

To this end, Akon has established the "Akon Lighting Africa" initiative. It is estimated that nearly 600 million African residents lack access to electricity. Akon aims to change that.
Akon is partnering with numerous people and organizations, including the United Nations to make his dream of a more connected Africa a reality. The goal is to potentially supply power to all 600 million people without it.

Akon announced his initiative at the United Nations Sustainable Energy For All Forum in New York. His partners include Samba Bathily, a leading Malian philanthropist and Thione Niang, a Senegalese politician and activist dedicated to global change and progress.

In order to achieve this, Akon is launching a "Solar Academy." This academy will provide the education for various African entrepreneurs and engineers to learn how to develop and harness solar power.

Africa experiences sunshine for around 320 days a year, which makes solar energy an ideal power source to provide Africans with electricity. 70 percent of Africans are under the age of 35, so creating sustainable jobs that involve solar power kills two birds with one stone.

Those who are taught the skills will be able to help set up and maintain solar powered electricity systems and microgrids which will spread power throughout the region. For many Africans, this will be a completely transformative event.
Akon's Solar Academy is to be located in Bamako, Mali. Bamako is the capital of Mali and is home to nearly two million people. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Bamako's quick growth has actually caused it some problems. The population explosion has led to issues involving traffic, sanitation, pollution and real estate. The Solar Academy would bring more money to the region and help alleviate the problems.

Even large foundations and movements need help. If you'd like to help in any way, you can sign up here. Only working together as a group can humanity help those in need.

As the second largest and second most populous continent, Africa is currently home to over 1 billion people. Akon believes in the future of Africa and is investing both his time and wealth into that future. Hopefully, others see his example and follow suit.

Akon and his initiative have already installed solar panels and electrical equipment in 11 different African countries. If this growth continues, the future may look a bit brighter, thanks to Akon's humanitarian efforts.

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