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Report of INAUGURAL MEETING OF NiSEN [Nigeria Sustainable Energy Network]

NIGERIA, Saturday 21, 2015 - It was a blissful and memorable Wednesday evening (5th August, 2015) with a favourable atmospheric condition whereby each representative from different organizations are in attendance for the inauguration of the new forum called NiSEN- ‘Nigeria Sustainable Energy Network’. In the presence of the YVE/JVE International Director- Mr. Alouka Sena (from Togo) and AfriWaterCop coordinator (Miss Luttah Annette), the introduction of guests (representatives from each organization) was done by the executive director of Young Volunteer for Environment (YVE, Nigeria) - in person of Prince Olawuyi Oluwaseyi and the welcome address was relayed by a member of Board of Directors, YVE Nigeria (Mr Fola Oyedeji) in which he represents the president. The numbers of organizations in attendance are eight (9) out of fifteen (15) expected. Here are the organizations in attendance:
  • Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE Nigeria)
  • Centre For Earth Works (CFEW)
  • Climate Wednesday
  • Development Diaries
  • Green Impact International (GII)
  • Hope Rising Foundation (HRF)
  • Taiwo and Associates (TA&A)
  • Nigerian Youth Synergy
  • Kejibaus Youth Development Initiatives
The Executive Director, YVE Nigeria (Prince Olawuyi Oluwaseyi) pronounced detailed information concerning the reasons for the gathering but he laid much emphasis basically on the highlighted (stated) objectives of the intending organization (NiSEN).  Representatives from each organization in attendance are opportuned to critically appraise the stated objectives for feasibility and ability to yield the expected possible outcomes. During this inaugural meeting, some observations, clarifications and comments were raised from the ‘Draft Concept Paper” given to each representative in attendance. The observations go thus:
Question was raised concerning the meaning of “Alternative Energy” and “Dirty Energy”. That was duly answered by the Executive Director YVE Nigeria, (Prince Olawuyi Oluwaseyi).

Mr Taiwo (Taiwo and Adewole associates), suggested that the word dirty energy and alternative energy should be replaced with “Renewable and Non-renewable Energy” and then  Mr Dotun Fasanya as well agreed to that proposition Mr Taiwo. He emphasized on the fact that the target of the organization (NiSEN) does not only based on literate people but rather involved illiterate people residing within communities or local geographical zones. Later the whole representatives in attendance accepted the words “ Renewable Energy and Dirty Energy” 

Mr Chukwuemeka Eze (YVE staff, Oyo) suggested that NiSEN objectives should be limited to two (2) specific targets. Meanwhile the whole house didn’t agree to that suggestion.

Concerning the objectives highlighted, a representative in attendance  suggested that objective number 3 should be restructured, emphasizing that the word “Review should either be removed or join together with “advocate for implementation”. On this note, Mr Eze also said that the 3rd objective is as well similar to the 4th objective been stated. Mr Taiwo said, before the restructured objective number 3 can be accepted, there is need for us to know or have better understanding of the law guiding renewable energy and peoples’ accessibility to it but Mr Fola answered that, in Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGS), environmental sustainability was enlisted. In a nutshell, emphasis was on the need for policy that could advocate for NiSEN especially in Government agencies for us to know “whether to review or advocate for implementation of policies, legislation and agreement on energy related issues”.

Concerning the 4th objective (objective number 4) been stated, the entire forum concluded that this 4th objective should be restructured and on this pace, it was finally restated as “ To champion the implementation of national and state policies”.

Concerning the listed Network Activities; Mr Ayodele Fanida (Development Dairies), suggested that the word ‘Network’ should be replaced with the word ‘platform’ and the entire network activities been stated are restructured within the forum (with individuals agreement) based on representatives’ opinions. Here are the restructured form of the Network Activities:
  • Energy Advocacy
  • Policy formulation and research
  • Empowerment
  • Funding, monitoring and evaluation.
Emphasis was laid on how funding process can be actualized. Mr Taiwo suggested that funding should be tailored to a specific activity entirely. Mr Ayodele then suggested seeking individuals’ opinion about fund raising or task (assign) stipulated amount to be contributed annually by each member (NiSEN). Thus, Mr Ayodele preferred the annual dues contribution but Mr Eze suggested that the election of the managerial committee should be conducted first because the elected ones are to handle the fund raising issue. 

Therefore, the entire forum decided to have‘Five (5) men Interim Committee’ since it was only seven (9) organizations representatives that are in attendance out of twelve (12).So, the following organisations were nominated
  • YVE-Nigeria
  • CFEW- Mr Fasanya Benson Dotun
  • Mr. Taiwo Adewole
  • GII- Mr Bamidele Oni
  • YVE- Miss Lawal Yetunde Adedamola
The YVE International Director’s Speech:

Mr. Alouka Sena proposed to the audience in the forum ‘What is Energy?’ and peoples’ responded by saying it was ‘Power’, ‘Electricity’ but Mr Sena said ‘Energy is the capacity to move from one point to the other’. That prompted him to say that there are some things we think we know but we do not know. Mr. Sena further identified and emphasized on the three (3) basic pillars in which Sustainable Energy lies, which include:
  • Peoples (populace) accessibility
  • Double the path of renewable energy
  • Doubling the path of energy efficiency
The director also shed more light on detrimental effects of energy in-sustainability, which include: Deforestation, Air pollution leading to several heart diseases (e.g. pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia) and Dam collapsed.

In conclusion, the duo of YVE International Director (Mr. Sena) and Miss Luttah commended NiSEN members efforts towards the inauguration of this organization which is known as ‘GREAT- Great Representative of Energy Alternative Treatment in Togo and the following comments was stated:

NiSEN itself should have a specific goal governing the organization.
  • The second objective should be restructured, that is, the word ‘Amplify their voices’ is preferable to ‘Serve as a voice’ 
  • The organization should engage in knowledge sharing with government and other organizations in Africa
  • The organization should determine the specific project to be carried out with support of the elected managerial members within the shortest timeframe.
  • The organization should have a stated expected outcome for every proposed project.
The outlined assignments given to the Interim Committee before the next meeting are listed below. (Members are expected to meet again in the month of October/November)
  • The committee is to further review the draft paper concepts
  • The committee is expected to define funding issue, management issue, Meeting and Annual General Assembly, getting more members, especially females, Elections, Secretariat , short term project/actvities and other things seem good to discuss by the committee.
  • Calling for the next meeting.
The meeting came to an end at exactly 6:30pm.

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