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Workshop to Address #ClimateChange Dynamics: FUTA

NIGERIA – August 28th 2015 - Ahead of the crucial talks scheduled for Paris, France in December, current topics on climate change causes, consequences, management and adaptation will be tabled for discussion at an international training workshop scheduled to hold next month in Akure, Ondo State in Nigeria.

Organized by the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science as well as the West Africa Science Service Centre and Adaptive Land-use (WASCAL) Graduate Research Programme on the West African Climate System (GRP-WACS) of the Federal University of Technology (FUTA), Akure, the conference has “Climate Information for Adaptation and Policy Development” as its theme and will hold Monday 13th – Friday 18th September, 2015 at the institution’s WASCAL Centre.

The workshop, according to the organizers, targets staff of relevant policy making ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) like NIMET, NEMA, IITA, MoE, MoWR, MoA and NEC, relevant departments in higher institutions of learning, local government chairmen and House Committee on Environment.

The workshop will be facilitated by experts with more than two decades of experience in climate science activities with universities, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and other international organizations. The training will involve lectures, discussions and hands-on activities/exercises.

Main topics include:
·         Climate change: the science, causes and consequences
·         Climate change projection, variability and extremes
·         Climate change challenges, risks and opportunities
·         Politics and economics of climate change
·         Climate change mitigation
·         Climate change: adaptation, politics and governance
·         Climate change policy design and response

Director of WASCAL Centre, Prof Jerome Omotosho, said: “Climate change is a topical issue that has local, national and international dimensions. Climate change is certainly one of this century’s greatest destabilizing forces which undermines our global economy, threatens our health and food security. The earth is currently affected by occurrence of record heat, drought, storms and fire.

“Climate change topics include sustainable agriculture and water resources, environment, energy, security, climate-related conflicts and the on-going climate negotiations and agreements. Taking reliable decisions in the face of consequences of climate change requires expert knowledge of what to do and a well-informed populace. This workshop will therefore deal with.

“At the end of the workshop, participants would acquire deep understanding of climate change and also the capability for incorporating climate change issues into decision-making and policy development and implementation.”

For more details and how to be part of the programme, go to:

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