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Paris Should Break the Chains Binding Us to A Future Drowned by Fossil Fuels #Call4Climate

NIGERIA – 26th NOVEMBER, 2015 - Industrialization has been one of mankind’s greatest achievements and also the cause one of the greatest challenges mankind faces in the 21st century climate change. From the beginning of industrialization till date fossil fuels have played a major role in economic development. The use of these fuels brings about pollution, contamination and degradation of the environment especially when best practices are not observed. For centuries the use of fossil fuels in the constantly evolving energy, transport, agricultural and other sectors of the economy have brought about climate change because of the accumulation of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. World leaders have to take a decision to stop and reduce these emissions in order to keep warming below 2 Celsius. Biodiversity and Islands are already under threat of disappearance due to climate change.

Prominent economists, environmental and climate change activists and civil society organizations are demanding climate action and climate justice now. This is so, because in order to combat and minimize the negative effects of climate change we have to ACT NOW. The business as usual approach is no longer acceptable especially in the global negotiations.

One of the ways in which COP21 can make some effort to encourage climate action is by taking a cue from the example set by European investor institutions. The institution which is worth $66 billion was able to break the relationship between European Union trade groups famous for lobbying against climate policy and about nine multinationals. As a matter of fact one of the sponsors of COP 21, EDF and other fossil fuel companies have been accused of being climate unfriendly and involved in lobbying against climate policy. They are BHP Billiton, BP, Glencore, Johnson Matthey, Proctor and Gamble, Rio Tinto, Statoil and Total.

According to a representative from the Friends of the Earth organization, MalikaPeyraut “Most of these companies are big emitters of the very greenhouse gases responsible for climate change, such as EDF or Engie whose coal plants alone are equivalent to nearly half of France's entire emissions,”

Investments in low carbon technologies and renewable energy have to be prioritized, supported and encouraged; some of the ways this can be brought to fruition is by reducing or removing subsidies on fossil fuels. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC may also have to stop corporate sponsorship from fossil fuel companies as it has been shown that they are negatively influencing the outcomes of the climate negotiations for their own interests.

by  Chinma George

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