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BERLIN – FEBRUARY, WEDNESDAY, 24TH 2016 - Going by the dreadful impacts of climate change and the available evidence of data regarding the certainty of its causes and the strong need for mitigation actions as highlighted by the IPCC AR5, COP21 Paris Agreement and the SDGs, it has become compelling for stakeholders to walk the talk and take immediate actions, if we need to save planet earth and humanity. While the Government and the Business stakeholders are bent neck over heels with mixture of actions and politics, the global civil society organizations are unified in commitment towards clear actions that will lead to transition into renewable energy as declared in Paris. The CSOs are poised to support the world break-free from human activities that cause climate change.

This year, the German civil society stakeholders are taking its yearly climate justice campaign known as “Ende Gelande” to a new level to demonstrate the global commitment of breaking free from activities that intensify climate change impacts. The 2016 edition of the campaign is focusing on urging the German Government and the World to stop coal mining in Lausatia Lignite mining region, near Berlin, come May 13-16, 2016. The first-leg preparatory meeting for the Endee Gelande demonstration, which took place on 13-14 February 2016 at the Berlin University of Technology (TU Berlin), was massively attended by global civil society stakeholders from across and the world at large, including Climate Change Network Nigeria (CCN-Nigeria) –all in the bid to practically display the unified commitment and solidarity for action. 

In his own pledge for national solidarity, Surveyor Efik who represented CCN-Nigeria in the preparatory meeting, not only expressed deep concern and support for the campaign but also posited that the disastrous consequences of coal mining to the environment, the people, the planet and the climate are synonymous with that of gas flaring. He further added that the national solidarity action in Nigeria will be carried out in collaboration with HOMEF and will include mobilizing stakeholders for “A Break-free World Press Conference” at a gas flaring site in the Niger Delta region, where we shall call on the world, the German people and their Government as well as the Nigerian Government and the people to support the Ende Gelande campaign to end coal mining in Lausatia as well as end gas flaring in Niger Delta region of Nigeria to avert climate disasters. The proposed national solidarity action for Ende Gelande will take place a week to the global action in Lausatia. 

The global commitment to achieve 1.50 Celsius and the national pursuit over INDCs as well as attaining the sustainable development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, may be a wild goose chase if we do not protect the climate through clean energy provision and other mitigation measures of ending gas flaring, coal mining, Efik concluded. 

Surveyor Efik
National Coordinator, CCN-Nigeria

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CCN-NIGERIA PLEDGES ITS SOLIDARITY TO ENDE GELANDE CAMPAIGN Reviewed by Olumide Idowu on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Rating: 5
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