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OP-UNEDITED | The Planet Could Leave Us Behind by @bamideleoni1

NIGERIA – FEBRUARY, MONDAY, 15th 2016 - The planet earth, been a very expansive one with its many complex functionality, this for a reason, and peradventure due to the added fact that they came along to finding themselves in an almost perfect home which they contributed nothing to forming and which in every way is suitable for their existence, humans have overtime assumed the planet as one that is capable of conforming to changes and adjusting itself to ensuring its continuous sustenance of life.

Definitely the planet has a defaulted means to evolving with the changes that may arise and in turn manage its related functions to conform to any changes though within an extended time frame. This has been the case from prehistoric times, when the earth was molding up in development and modification. Even though the Earth could move on and adjust to these changes, the effect would be enormous on the system of its many functions and in turn on the life forms dependent on it for sustenance and most importantly humans as we occupy a place of importance in the complex ecological system.

For eons, the planet has undergone a number of modifications and periodical changes to enable its current status in every form of characterization. Now, just like it had always been, some changes have begun, but there is a difference this time as the pace is quite beyond normal, considering evidences from past changes. The changes would have been considered normal if the pace had corresponded to the pace at which all life forms could easily conform and adjust to with the ease of successive metamorphosis, but the situation is just the opposite as many life forms will end up in the extinction wagon as the planet moves towards the next phase. The pace at which the change is happening is actually the main differentiating factor when considering the difference in the past and the present change in the earth’s system.  

Now this has become the bedrock of concern calls as to ensuring we survive through the changes or probably bring to normality the pace such that it becomes conformed with our capacity to adjusting within the scope of the projected window of time. While the anomaly in the pace of event has been traced to human interference, much attention has also been directed at the possibility of working through and getting rid of the interference such that a balance is achieved for the all good of the planet and not just for the survival of humans.

The assumption that the planet would find a way of taking care of itself of course is not out of place but then, a deep consideration in the regards of the place of life forms like ours is uncertain in the changed world if allowed to take its course as it seem to be with our interference as the negative catalyst invigorating the changes.

Now that the physical evidences of the changes have become more real and closer to reality than before, the time calls for a change in attitudes and lifestyle if we are to contend with the changes in the Earth’s system. It wouldn’t be like business as usual and for once, we have to make it a responsibility of a lifetime such that a base of change of orientation is put in place now for the coming generation to build upon. The changes are real and despite the measures that have been promised to be put in place and the projection of intervention, its only reasonable to see to the fact that some changes will definitely slip through the portal and will come to stay, but then, we could choose to live differently and help reduce the interference we have caused by adjusting and putting off what is needed to be switched off forever. Changes are never easy though, but when it has to do with survival, then there is absolutely no alternative than to adjust just in time for the good of all.

Sincerely Yours Earthly,

By Bamidele Oni is the Founder, Green Impact International. He can be contacted on Twitter via @bamideleoni1

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