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OP-UNEDITED | Who Needs to Heal First, Man or Planet Earth? - @bamideleoni1

NIGERIA - 13TH, SEPTEMBER, 2016 - It is quite obvious that the Earth needs healing and even more dearly now than ever. The healing needed is an absolute one which must be wholesome in every dimension of approach and projection as the gapped wounds on her are in every way multifaceted.

However, as truthful as it is that the planet needs healing, an important component of the Earth’s ecosystem must be wheeled first into the theater of behavioral changes to ensure the healing is thoroughly effective and sustainable. The human component have occupied such an all important niche in the Earth’s system and truly the footprints of their impact are relatively evidenced everywhere and hard it is not to find a trace of their presence even in the remotest place on the planet. They can be well assumed to glory in the common Latin phrase that says “Venmusi, Vidimus, Deus Vicit” Translated “we came, we saw and we conquered”

Men appeared in the big Earth picture in a very modest form and with a most humble beginning. They were the simple ones contented with the few they could gather and hunt. Thanks to their insatiable desires and their providence given capacity to evolve in knowledge, they saw the reasons to make some changes to sooth their definite needs of shelter and food. Gradually they learnt to understand nature and how it could work to their advantage.

Men’s desire grew further and they began to crave for more and in no time the needs evolved into wants. Humans craved far more beyond their immediate needs and at that point something snapped as their minds became clouded by what they could have and make of the abundance that filled the Earth without giving much thought to the well-being of the Earth as they exploited her vast resources. They became slaves to their desires and in selfishness they multiplied, leaving a legacy of perpetual exploitation and unrepentant habits, polluting the entire planet.

No thanks to greed, the desires of men escalated to the extent that the planet became a common good to be exploited to the least without so much consideration for the replenishment and regeneration. The natural ways became obsolete and men sought after short cuts just to make the gains still and they fail to realize the pains their supposed gains have caused the planet. They have pushed the planet to a limit and she just couldn’t take any more interference except to shut down in order to reboot to default.

Now that the planet is taking over control, humans are beginning to cry woe as they cannot bear half the pains the Earth is exuding in its gradual shift of adjusting on its course of recovery.

It can be well cited now that humans need a collective healing even as the situation of the planet calls for an immediate attention. We need a great deal of healing to rid ourselves of our self-centered interests that has placed economic objectives beyond the welfare of this planet, the only survivable planet in the whole of the Milky Way galaxy. 

We need a timely purge of the mindset of unhealthy dominance that could send us into a regrettable apocalyptic future. We need a rebirth of mindset and habit such that we can be part of the solution our planet needs. To ensure an absolute healing of Planet Earth, we need every citizen of the planet.

Indeed man needs healing first for the Earth to heal.

By Bamidele Oni (CEO, Green Impact International) is the Founder, Green Impact International. He can be contacted on Twitter via @bamideleoni1

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OP-UNEDITED | Who Needs to Heal First, Man or Planet Earth? - @bamideleoni1 Reviewed by Olumide Idowu on Monday, September 12, 2016 Rating: 5
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