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@ClimateWed Launch A New Project on #Recycling "#TeachRecyclingEarly"

NIGERIA – Monday, 23rd January 2017 - Recycle means using things that have already been used, to make new things. 

About “#TeachRecyclingEarly"

What situation prompted you to start this fundraising? 

Nigeria as a country is faced with the menace of managing the large volume of waste it produces from its rapidly growing population. The challenges of Waste Management would involve the active participation of the private and public sector, In addition to social enterprises and NGOs. Enlightenment and education of the populace are crucial to changing attitudes to Waste Management. We have observed that although children are taught different subjects in school, there is a dearth of information on environmental issues most especially Waste Management.

How does this situation make us feel?

This is to introduce to you the “Teach Recycling Early” initiative which is aimed at children in primary and secondary schools. This project is one of the educational projects of Climate Wednesday and it aims to educate and enlighten children on key environmental projects such as Waste Management (Recycling), Climate Change etc. 

The “Teach Recycling Early” aims to fill this gap and provide relevant information to enable children to understand the environmental impacts of waste and how to be active participants in bringing about change.

How you can help?

We need your help to 
1.     Design a curriculum for the children on recycling,
2.     We need your help to get a waste bin that can help in sorting of waste.
3.     We need your help to get this project around African Countries?
4.     We need your financial help to get all this down.
5.    We need your help to document all this project and tell a story of free waste cities.

About Climate Wednesday?

Climate Wednesday seeks to identify key climate based issues affecting development specifically in Nigeria, and Africa overall. This way, we are able to imbibe our local realities and present them on the table of global action steps towards mitigating effects of climate change.

Help make it happen. Support & donate to project on #SupportACause

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@ClimateWed Launch A New Project on #Recycling "#TeachRecyclingEarly" Reviewed by Olumide Idowu on Monday, January 23, 2017 Rating: 5
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