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International Youth Day 2015 “Youth Civic Engagement” ~ #Sport4SDGs

Climate Wednesday Celebrate International Youth Day: #Sport4SDGs

International Youth Day will be taking place on 12 August 2015, bringing youth issues to the attention of the international community and celebrating the potential of youth as partners in today’s global society.  It’s also a benefit to the individual and to society, including for sustainable development as well as resilience and wellbeing.

This year topic is “Youth Civic Engagement”

By participating in local government, youth gain work experience, acquire new skills, learn responsibility and accountability, develop a greater sense of confidence and empowerment, and forge meaningful connections to other youth and adults. Youth involved in positive activities such as community service are also less likely to pursue risky behaviors. In addition, youth voice in local decision-making can help city officials enact better policies and programs, especially with regard to youth issues.

Sport is universal. And many youths round the world love sport. That's why Climate Wednesday joined forces to celebrate this year International Youth Day with #Sport4SDGs, a global communication initiative that showcases how sport is tackling youth involvement in civil engagement. 

Different athletes across the world are standing up to fight for the right and position of young people. Discover how the global sports community is coming together to raise awareness and inspire action. With many influential sports men and women committing themselves to the initiative, #Sport4SDGs is set to make a real, lasting difference in Nigeria and Africa.

Sport matters to us. Most of the world passionately follows sports, whether it’s football, baseball, cycling, tennis, or the athletes competing at the Olympics or at the World Cup.

“Sport brings people together. Played and watched by millions worldwide, it is one of the most powerful conveners for positive thought and action. Show the world you care about youth engagement and are ready to make a difference."
International Youth Day 2015 “Youth Civic Engagement” ~ #Sport4SDGs Reviewed by Olumide Idowu on Friday, August 07, 2015 Rating: 5
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